Aromatherapy Oil(Phytoncid)

Cheng Kuang Aromatherapy Oil Phytoncid delivers fast-acting and reliable effect. It is available as a repellent for adults and children when traveling and taking outdoors activities. Daily application with the unique roll-on designed massaging bead provides handy and portable usage. No mess, no stain formula. Ease of use. Multiple choices with 6 different types of natural fragrance: ■Mint : Fresh and strong smell,it improves one's concentration,vitality and positive thinking. ■Lemon : Rich in vitamin C,it enhances mood and spirit energetic. ■Lavender : The Queen of Fragrant Herbs,it delivers the relief of one's mind and nerves. ■Rose : The Queen of Flowers,it has been used for stomach problems. ■Phytoncide : Distilled from thirty kinds of trees,it quiets one's moods and refreshes one's breath. ■Osmanthus : It has an intense & elegance fragrance,it eases pains,itching and stasis.

Suitable For

For the temporary relief of minor aches and symptom associated with : ■ simple headaches ■ stomachache ■ motion sickness ■ sore muscles ■ stiff joints Also for minor burns&scalds, mosquito bites, dizziness and stuffy nose.

Instructions for use

Adults and children 2 years of age and older: ■ Release the cap, gently press the roll-on massaging bead on forehead, shoulder, neck, and any acupuncture points will make one feel refreshed and relaxed. ■ Apply several times a day to the affected area according to need. Children under 2 years of age: ■ consult a doctor.


1. Do not apply this product to eyes and mucous membranes. 2. Do not use on infants or children under two years of age. 3. Allergic to drugs - ask your doctor or pharmacist for instructions before using this product. 4. Cannot be used by Favism (G6PD deficiency) patients.


Ingredients: Per mL
Carthami Flos  30mg
Borneol  20mg
Camphora Oil  20mg
Cinnamomi Cortex Oil  30mg
Draconis Resina  55mg
Winter green Oil  10mg
Menthol 20mg
Phytoncid 5mg
Tea Oil added to 1mL


6mL(0.21 oz)/Bottle 12mL(0.41 oz)/Bottle No. 013722 in Cheng-Zhi Document Series of DOH