Capsicum Plaster

Our Capsicum Plaster medical effect is demonstrated through capsicum heats. Capsicum Plaster has been prepared according to the ancient Chinese herbal formula "Tai-Yi Gao" book which is a collection of thousand years old body care experiences and it describes the methods of how active natural plant extracts contribute to the rheumatism. Capsicum Plaster sustained hyperthermic action not only improves the blood circulation of affected area, but also enhances the penetration of active ingredients into the sore area to subdue chronic pain accompanied by rheumatoid arthritic, neuralgia and sore ligaments.

Suitable For

Rheumatism, sore ligaments, arthritis, waist and back pain.

Instructions for use

1. First, clean the affected part and keep dry. Then apply the plaster to the affected part. 2. Repeat once or twice a day. The effects will last for 6-8 hours for each application. 3. Use the patch after a warm bath or shower; it will improve the effectiveness of the patch, since it increases the transmittance of the skin. 4. When using the patch on small joints(fingers), you can cut it into narrow stripes. 5. Store unused patches back in a sealed bag.


1. Do not apply the patch to the eyes, mucus membranes, and skin with eczema and rashes. 2. Stop using immediately if you find symptoms such as a rash or itching after using this product. 3. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for instructions if you are allergic to drugs or makeup before using this product. 4. Keep out of reach of children. Children must not use without the parent's or guardian’s permission or knowledge. 5. This product should be screened from direct sunlight.


Dahurian Angelica Root  50mg
Capsicum  12.5mg
Chinese Angelica Root  50mg
Red Peony Root  50mg
Scrophularia Root  50mg
Salicis Babylonicae Ramulus  25mg
Sophorea Japonicae Ramulus  25mg
Cinnamomum Cassia LIUME 50mg
Myrrh  7.5mg
Rhubarb  50mg
Momordicae Semen  50mg
Rehmannia Root  50mg
Asafoetida  7.5mg
Olibanum  12.5mg
Crinis Carbonisatus  25mg
Common Monkshood Mother Root   25mg
Aconiti Kusnezoffii Radix  25mg
Colophonium  25mg
Menthol  50mg
Resin  260mg
Zinc Oxide  30mg
FD&C Red No.7q.s
FD&C Yellow No.4q.s
FD&C Blue No.1 q.s
Sesame Oil added to 1g


5 pieces/pouch(7.4CM × 11.4CM) No. 014320 in Cheng-Zhi Document Series of DOH