Ultra Strength Plaster
  • OTC
  • Ultra Strength Plaster

    Our Ultra Strength pain patch is made from selected natural herbs using modern biotechnology and this pain patch is a flexible non-steroid and anti-inflammatory adhesive pain patch. Our Ultra Strength pain patch is rich with genuine Chinese herbs and made from carefully selected, rare and precious Chinese herbs. Specific properties of individual herbs and their overall coordinated effect has a beneficial effect on the muscles and joints. Our Ultra Strength pain patch is an excellent external application and be able to make you and your family feel more comfortable each and every day.

  • Suitable For

    Traumatic injuries, pains of the hands, feet, shoulders, back, crymodynia and pains caused by bad blood circulation.

  • Instructions for use

    1. First, clean the affected part and keep dry. Then apply the plaster to the affected part. 2. Repeat once or twice a day. The effects will last for 6-8 hours for each application. 3. Use the patch after a warm bath or shower; it will improve the effectiveness of the patch, since it increases the transmittance of the skin. 4. When using the patch on small joints(fingers), you can cut it into narrow stripes. 5. Store unused patches back in a sealed bag.

  • Cautions

    1. Do not apply the patch to the eyes, mucus membranes, and skin with eczema or rashes. 2. Stop using immediately if you find symptoms such as a rash or itching after using this product. 3. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for advice if you are allergic to drugs or makeup before using this product. 4. Keep out of reach of children. Children must not use without the parent’s or guardian’s permission or knowledge. 5. This product should be screened from direct sunlight.

  • Compositions

    Angelica Sinensis   10.45 mg
    Root of Dahurica Angelica   10.45 mg
    Almond  10.45 mg
    Figwort Root   10.45 mg
    Gleditsia Officinalis    10.45 mg
    Kusnezoff Monkshood Root  10.45 mg
    White Balsam  200.00 mg
    Shallot with Root   31.37 mg
    Pine Resin  200.00 mg
    Frankincense  17.42 mg
    Myrrh  17.42 mg
    Yellow Wax   26.00 mg
    Menthol   35.00 mg
    Resin   100.00 mg
    Zinc Oxide   30.00 mg
    Plum Slice  10.00 mg
    Methyl Salicylate   5.00 mg
    Vaseline   10.00mg
    Osmanthus Oil  1.00mg
    Syringyl Alcohol   3.00mg
    Food Yellow No. 4  q.s.
    Food Red No.7  q.s.
    Boiled Oil added up to  1g

  • Pack

    5 pieces/pouch (9CM x 14CM) No. 007974 in Cheng-Zhi Document Series of DOH