Aromatherapy Oil(Phytoncid)
  • OTC
  • Aromatherapy Oil(Phytoncid)

    Cheng Kuang Aromatherapy Oil Phytoncid delivers fast-acting and reliable effect. It is available as a repellent for adults and children when traveling and taking outdoors activities. Daily application with the unique roll-on designed massaging bead provides handy and portable usage. No mess, no stain formula. Ease of use. Multiple choices with 6 different types of natural fragrance: ■Mint : Fresh and strong smell,it improves one's concentration,vitality and positive thinking. ■Lemon : Rich in vitamin C,it enhances mood and spirit energetic. ■Lavender : The Queen of Fragrant Herbs,it delivers the relief of one's mind and nerves. ■Rose : The Queen of Flowers,it has been used for stomach problems. ■Phytoncide : Distilled from thirty kinds of trees,it quiets one's moods and refreshes one's breath. ■Osmanthus : It has an intense & elegance fragrance,it eases pains,itching and stasis.

  • Suitable For

    For the temporary relief of minor aches and symptom associated with : ■ simple headaches ■ stomachache ■ motion sickness ■ sore muscles ■ stiff joints Also for minor burns&scalds, mosquito bites, dizziness and stuffy nose.

  • Instructions for use

    Adults and children 2 years of age and older: ■ Release the cap, gently press the roll-on massaging bead on forehead, shoulder, neck, and any acupuncture points will make one feel refreshed and relaxed. ■ Apply several times a day to the affected area according to need. Children under 2 years of age: ■ consult a doctor.

  • Cautions

    1. Do not apply this product to eyes and mucous membranes. 2. Do not use on infants or children under two years of age. 3. Allergic to drugs - ask your doctor or pharmacist for instructions before using this product. 4. Cannot be used by Favism (G6PD deficiency) patients.

  • Compositions

    Ingredients: Per mL
    Carthami Flos  30mg
    Borneol  20mg
    Camphora Oil  20mg
    Cinnamomi Cortex Oil  30mg
    Draconis Resina  55mg
    Winter green Oil  10mg
    Menthol 20mg
    Phytoncid 5mg
    Tea Oil added to 1mL

  • Pack

    6mL(0.21 oz)/Bottle 12mL(0.41 oz)/Bottle No. 013722 in Cheng-Zhi Document Series of DOH