Sport Spray

Cheng Kuang Sport Spray is rich with genuine Chinese herbs and it is manufactured according to the ancient recipe book which is a collection of thousand years old body care experiences and it describes the methods of how active natural plant extracts contribute to a better feeling. Cheng Kuang Sport Spray can be used in combination with our patch series. You can use the patch when you are at home, but you can bring out a bottle of spray when leaving for work or on a trip.

Suitable For

1. Cheng Kuang Sport Spray for muscle pain after sports. 2. Cheng Kuang Sport Spray for soreness of back and joints. 3. Cheng Kuang Sport Spray for reducing swelling and itch.

Instructions for use

1.Shaking before using the spray for the first time use. 2.Apply the product to an affected body part,do not massage, part of the extracts will be absorbed into the skin and a small part will evaporate. 3.The skin breaths normally with our Sport Spray. 4.The Sport spray can be applied to a certain body part 3-5 times a day.


1. Do not apply the spray directly onto the affected parts or the face. 2. Store out of the reach of children. 3. Do not expose to direct sunlight. 4. Do not place close to fire or other sources of heat. 5. The spray must not be disposed in a fire. 6. Do not apply to children younger than 4 years old. 7. External application only. Do not take orally or internally.


Active Ingredients: per gram
DivaricateSaposhnikoviaRoot 2.2mg
Makino 2.2mg
PeonyTreeBark 2.2mg
CommonCarpesiumFruit 2.2mg
SkunkBugbane 2.2mg
LightyellowSophoraRoot 4.4mg
HerbofIntricateClematis 4.4mg
RedPaeonyRoot 4.4mg
SichuanPepper 2.2mg
LicoriceRoot 2.2mg
Basil 2.2mg
SanchiRadixNotoginseng 2.2mg
MentholCrystal 100mg
WintergreenOil 50mg


110mL(3.72 oz) / Bottle No. 014399 in Cheng-Zhi Document Series of DOH